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5 Charging Mistakes You Can Stop Making Right Now


You will never know, but the way you charge your phone can be critical not only for your electricity bills and security, but also for the battery life. The phone batteries used today are based on an exact number of charging cycles. To extend the lifespan, it is recommended never to charge 100% or to discharge 0%.

1. You always leave your charger in the socket.

A charger is constantly supplied with power in the socket, even when the phone is not connected. This is not good for your electricity bills. The transformer also emits heat that can slowly accumulate and cause nearby fire. If the air in the room is moist enough, the transformer can be short-circuited and cause a fire.
Always pull the charger out of the socket when you are not using it.

2. You charge the battery 100%

If you charge the battery of your phone 100% each time, the life span will be shortened. This is because each battery has a precise number of charge cycles. If you always charge it 100%, these cycles end earlier.
The general rule would be to fully charge the battery once a month and keep it between 20% and 80% at all other times.

3. Allow the battery to discharge completely before recharging.

It’s also not good to let the battery go to 0%. For this reason, the latest lithium-based batteries, as already mentioned, work in charging cycles. So if you leave the battery empty, the longevity of your device will be destroyed step by step.

4. Let your phone charge overnight.

If you charge your phone all night, you’re wasting power and charging the battery more than necessary. This also affects the charging cycles of the battery.
Another reason to never leave the phone charging overnight is to make sure it doesn’t overheat.

5. You are using the phone while charging.

You should not constantly drain your phone’s battery while trying to charge it. This leads to battery overload, which now tries to do two things at the same time.
When someone calls you, you can pull the phone (and charger out of the wall socket) and recharge when the call ends.

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