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5 Foods That Can Help Fight Migraine With No Effort


A migraine is like an unwanted host that invades without warning and is difficult to eradicate. If you suffer from a headache frequently, you know how difficult it can be. Sure, you can take pills or exercise to cure your pain, but these remedies are temporary, which means your headache can keep coming back.
You can still do the following: Change your diet. Although there are some foods that trigger migraines, there are others that can help you improve your defense against them and prevent migraines without effort. Craft Side has found 5 foods that you should eat daily to avoid headaches.

5- avocado:

If you need more reasons to love this wonderful fruit, avocado also fights migraines. Avocados are rich in antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin and can not only relieve your severe headaches but also keep them at bay

4- salmon:

Consuming salmon filled with omega-3 and vitamin B-2 fatty acids prevents the formation of platelets, a process that is responsible for frequent headaches. It also reduces inflammation and helps fight migraines in general.

3- sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are not only tasty, they also help fight migraines. Rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1 and potassium, eating sweet potatoes for headaches will relieve the pain and calm you down.

2- quinoa and kale:

In addition to all the other health benefits quinoa and kale also contribute to the prevention of migraine. Quinoa, which contains riboflavin, magnesium and iron, prevents migraines, while kale contains omega-3 and fiber and is therefore the best defense against throbbing migraines.

1- yogurt:

Studies have shown that riboflavin, a part of vitamin B, is more effective against migraines and yogurt is rich in it. Add yogurt to your daily diet if you have frequent migraine attacks and watch the results.

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