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5 Foods That Severely Harm Your Teeth


We all want a healthy smile and do everything we can to make sure of it: we see our dentist regularly, we refuse to eat sweet foods, and we maintain our diet. However, foods that appear to be safe often prove to be very harmful to health.
To help our readers, 10AL has compiled a list of foods that we all eat and that do more harm than good to our teeth.


5. Blueberries

Blueberries do not affect the health of our teeth, but they stain them blue. If you do not very often eat blueberries, is of course not happen, but the true fans need to be prepared that their teeth are a little yellow because of the juice.

4. White wine

Admirer of white wine must make an important choice: their favorite drink or healthy enamel. The second option should be your choice if you do not want your teeth are hypersensitive or fragile.

3. Red wine

Red wine does not really affect the health of our teeth, but it changes its natural color to an unsightly shade of gray.

2. Chips

It’s very simple: Chips consist of fast carbohydrates, which are transformed into glucose under the influence of saliva. This can lead to a trivial but dangerous void. Another thing that chips leave behind is plaque. So don’t forget to rinse your mouth with water after a snack.

1. chewing gum

Sugar-free chewing gum appears to be safe for the teeth. The greatest danger is not the sugar, but its destructive effect on fillings, crowns and bridges. In addition, the production of saliva increases in chewing gum, which leads to the production of alkali. Alkali erodes fillings and tooth enamel.

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