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5 Hair Washing Mistakes You May Be Making


At first glance, your hair washing routine seems pretty simple. However, there are some mistakes that you may never have noticed you made and that can lead to dehydration, hair loss, or even scalp infections. And there are also some tricks that can change the game and give you the look that comes fresh from the salon.
We at 10AL did some research to find out what mistakes in washing your hair can prevent you from having healthy, shiny hair.

5. You shampoo your hair too often.

According to medical experts, there is no need to use shampoo every time you wash your hair to keep it clean. Repeating the hair several times a week with water is sufficient to remove visible dirt. Applying shampoo is purely cosmetic, and the rich lather it creates can remove oil from your hair. Oil is important for healthy hair because it moisturizes and protects it from damage.

4. You don’t rinse your hair enough and use too much shampoo.

If you rinse your hair thoroughly for at least one minute before applying the shampoo, you can remove all residues from the last used hair care product. Getting the hair completely wet before applying the shampoo is an essential step to effectively washing it. If your hair is wet from top to bottom, the shampoo will foam better and spread more evenly. It also helps you use less shampoo when washing your hair.

3. Apply a hair conditioner after the shampoo.

We are used to shampooing our hair first and then adding conditioners. For some hair types, however, a reverse routine works better. If you apply conditioner first, your hair will look more voluminous. This method is best suited for fine hair, the moisture needs, but most Conditioner can it complain and make it look even greasy.

2. Apply shampoo to the ends.

If you apply shampoo to the roots and then apply a little more to the rest of your hair, the ends can be damaged. The roots are often the most oily and you need to apply shampoo on the scalp, not the hair. The ends are usually dry and if you wash them with shampoo, they look even more dehydrated from.

1. You scrub the scalp with your nails.

A strong scrubbing the scalp can cause abrasions and possible infections of the scalp. The hair is more fragile when wet and aggressive scrubbing can even lead to complications, fractures and to a weakening of the follicles. The best way to wash your hair, is the roots gently massaging with your fingers and palms.

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