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5 Healthy Habits That Can Help You Live Longer


If you are concerned about your health but do not want to deprive yourself of the joy of life, we have good news: There is a scientifically proven way out! The brightest minds in our world have found unusual but enjoyable habits that can help a person stay healthy and happy.
They can even help you live longer! We show you 5 of the most interesting ways to improve your life. Choose to implement the ones you like!

5. Ignore public opinion

American scientists say that spitting on public opinion can help people live longer. When we think about the reactions of people around us, we are more temperate, less spontaneous and more nervous.
These nuances make people less happy. And how scientists have shown an unhappy person living a shorter life.

4. Sunbathing

Sunlight provides vitamin D. Not only does it help fight depression, which is often the cause of many diseases, it also lowers the risk of diabetes.
In 2016 showed extensive studies that biochemists found out that people who took more than an hour a day sunbathing, 67% less with cancer than people who spent not so much time in the sun.

3. Brush your teeth less

If you’re one of those people who shower a lot, you may want to rethink things. Doctors at Cranley Clinic in London have shown that the wrong soap combined with hot water removes the protective oil layer from our skin.
In the long run, this layer is dry and can not protect the body. Therefore it is worthwhile to bathe less and more carefully.
Dentists say similar things: Brushing your teeth too often and mouthwash can damage the enamel.
This is especially true if you want to brush them right after eating, as many products soften the enamel and facilitate tooth damage.

2. Eat more tomatoes

American scientists at Tufts University in Boston conducted research whose completion took 11 years.
They compared the health status of 5,000 participants to the food they ate and concluded that it is possible to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 26% by including tomatoes in their diet.
According to experts, everything is due to an antioxidant that is contained in tomatoes and is called lycopene.
This is exactly what gives tomatoes their red color. Because of this, adding a tomato slice to your morning sandwich can have many advantages.

1. Get rid of your alarm clock

This is especially true when the doorbell rings. Get rid of a kettle with a pipe, timers, alarms, and other sound generators.
Japanese researchers claim that people, especially people with high blood pressure, are at higher risk of heart attack due to sudden noise.
In addition, these high noises have a negative impact on the nervous system.


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